Hey, I'm Matkai Burmaster

Let's make the world a little more queer! 🏳️‍🌈

I’m an Actor, Director, and LGBTQ activist. I create (and sometimes star) in my own movies and shows. I am also starting to create music (coming soon) in collaboration with some exciting singer-songwriters. I am also the co-creator the Fearless app and I work with teens and organizations to help increase LGBTQ representation and inclusion.

P.S. I’m bi and married to an amazing man. 💖 💜 💙  Yaassss.

Matkai Burmaster

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My series: So That Happened and It’s Complicated…
My short films: Stripped and Committed

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Watch all of my movies and shows for free on the Fearless app.
  • My LGBTQ comedy series, So That Happened
  • My LGBTQ teen drama series, It’s Complicated…
  • My LGBTQ thriller short film, Committed
  • My LGBTQ dramatic short film, Stripped
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  • Coming soon: New Original Music by Matkai!
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Do I need a Fearless membership to watch your movies?

No, my movies and shows are available to watch without a membership. However, I encourage you to get a membership anyways and support all of the amazing creators on Fearless (you can start with a free trial in the app).

Can I book you to speak at my event?

You bet! I speak about LGBTQ, entrepreneurism, equality and the film industry at various events including film festivals, conferences, special events and more. To book me, just send me an email with details on your dates, budget, and what you have in mind.

Can I book you to act in my film/series?

The short answer is maybe. All bookings for modeling and acting work go through my agent. Contact them to inquire (their contact info is at the bottom of the page). I only accept bookings for ACTRA productions that pay at scale or higher.

Can I book you for consulting, directing or design/marketing?

Yes, please contact me directly to inquire about these services. I have worked with a variety of small-medium sized businesses as well as organizations. I primarily work with companies in the arts sector, but I am open to most offers. Small-medium sized businesses who make under 1 million annually get 10% off every invoice.

What things are you currently working on?

  • New educational series, New Sex Ed (coming in 2021).
  • Season 2 of So That Happened (coming in 2022).
  • New music collabs with Primme and Lindsey Morgan (coming in 2021).
  • More speaking appearances on LGBTQ and inclusion topics.

I can’t find your music…

I’m so glad you are excited for my music. I have removed my old stuff from the internet as I prepare for an exciting relaunch in collaboration with some amazing artists. Stay tuned. The best way for you to know when my new music drops is to sign up for my newsletter.

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