Browsing Instagram as a gay or bi man can sometimes be overwhelming. With all of the hot rippled six-packs and shirtless selfies, being ab-less can make you feel like you’re not enough. So, I present you 12 guys (including trans and gender-non-confirming), who dare to show us something different — something inspiring, fresh, and vibrant. Here’s to making your feed a little bit more encouraging and a LOT gayer.

1. Nico Tortorella

Via Instagram: @nicotortorella

Nico Tortorella is a non-binary actor, writer, and artist best known for their roles on Younger and The Following. Their Instagram account is filled with posts about gender non-conformity and breaking free from society’s expectations. Nico’s famous hashtag #allofitisyou (also the title of their book) is all about celebrating every part of yourself.

2. Stevie Blaine

Via Instagram: @bopo.boy

Stevie Blaine is a queer activist who spreads the message of body positivity. His inspirational posts are all about loving yourself, posting filterless shots, and showcasing angles that are deemed to be “undesirable”. In one of his posts, he said, “You don’t need filters. You don’t need poses. You don’t need to breath in. To reduce. To minimize. To avoid horizontal stripes. To only wear black. You just need to be you — because you’re bloody gorgeous as you are”. It’s a nice and natural breath of fresh air on your feed.

3. Rob Woodcox

Via Instagram: @robwoodcoxphoto

Rob Woodcox is a master of cinematic photography. His photographic creations take you on a magical journey into the land of creativity and predominately feature queer people and their stories in new ways. His signature touches include diving into complex emotions, out-of-this-world editing effects, and a strong focus on the various shapes that the human body can make. Rob’s account definitely features attractive models, but the inspiration and stories behind the photos makes this Instagram account a must-have addition to your feed.

4. Dexter Mayfield

Via Instagram: @dexrated

Dexter is a dancer, actor, choreographer, and plus-sized model living in Los Angeles. He’s full of personality and humor, and his posts make everyone smile. He will inspire you to life your best life and to be confident and badass every step of the way. Also, he was totally in Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down music video, and he stole the show.

5. Mark Kanemura

Via Instagram: @mkik808

Mark is an queer creator best known for his quick-change videos and dance routines featuring gender non-confirming costumes and wigs. Mark’s feed is the most vibrant and fun thing you can find on Instagram, and his dance videos will make you squeal and grin from ear to ear. Mark is a shining example of what it means to not take life too seriously and is just the person you need on your feed to keep your days fun, lighthearted, and — of course — queer.

6. Scott McGlothlen (aka The Bare Inkslinger)

Via Instagram: @bareinkslinger

Scott is a writer based in Denver, Colorado, who bares all in an effort to help people feel more confident in themselves and their bodies. His Instagram profile is filled with a nice mix of nude photos in various places (often with his friends or other Instagram creators) and a healthy dose of activism. Scott has posted about things like grief, overcoming nervousness, gun legislation, lessons in perseverance, and insecurities. Through his blog, The Bare Inkslinger, Scott also highlights deeper issues and gets specific about topics that matter to him.

7. Matt Crump

Via Instagram: @mattcrump

Texas-based Matt Crump has crafted an Instagram account that is basically a queer fantasy world — it’s a vibrant and colorful place filled with neon rainbows and decadent designs. It’s the kind of account you can turn to when you’ve had enough of seeing shirtless guys and want to see beautiful things that make you smile. Sometimes, it feels good to take a break from the guys and Grindr and let art do its thing.

8. Alex Bertie

Via Instagram: @therealalexbertie

Alex Bertie is a FTM trans man who creates videos and posts about his journey and experiences. Let his handsome looks and bright demeanor bring some smiles and eye candy to your feed. For bonus points, you can totally subscribe to his YouTube channel, too.

9. Deepak Kashyap

Via Instagram: @mrpsychologist

Deepak is a psychotherapist and columnist who is all about spreading the word about inclusivity and diversity. His feed brings you a colorful and cheerful look at queer topics, sexuality, yoga, and wellbeing. Deepak’s advocacy feels incredibly authentic which is something we all need from our role models. Plus, he’s handsome which is a lovely added bonus!

10. Olly Pike

Via Instagram: @ollypike

Olly Pike is an LGBTQ author who creates animations and books to spread queer-inclusive sexual education and shed light on acceptance for queer families. His calm demeanor and caring personality will surely bring some joy to your feed. Plus, if you have any kids in your life (your own kids, your coworkers’ kids, your nieces/nephews, cousins, etc.), then following Olly is an excellent source for conversations and videos you can share with them. Now you can make a difference in the lives of children everywhere and do your own part in making LGBTQ families apart of the new normal!

11. Todrick Hall

Via Instagram: @todrick

Todrick is both the king and the queen of queer entertainment all at the same time. He’s a self-made singer, actor, and dancer with no agent, no manager, and a whole lot of chutzpah (pronounced “hootspa”). Todrick is known for putting out high-quality music videos, advocating for queer rights, and being very vocal about his opinions on taking back negative language and encouraging diversity through joy, music, and laughter. Following Todrick is like following the rainbow emoji!

12. Queer Collective

Via Instagram: @queer.collective

Lastly, Queer Collective is a firestorm of queer content that will uplift you and make you feel heard. They’re a Toronto-based non-profit group that is working to start conversations between queer people using colorful and vibrant posts. And trust us, they aren’t afraid of making strong statements! They will inspire you to make real change. It’s guaranteed to make your feed feel a bit more meaningful and a lot queerer!

What do you think of my picks? Do you have some of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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